Our core values

languages-o Languages
Lasona Kindergarten is a bilingual language institute found in Nairobi, Kenya
We are an international kindergarten . Our mixed aged groups are bilingual and led by one English and either Spanish, French and Kiswahili teacher, where our children learn a second or third language in a playful way which is supported through songs, rhymes and stories
social-education Social Education
Lasona Kindergarten has created a social environment in which each child has the space to develop their own personality based on their own interests and needs. Our focus is that children feel part of our school community where they learn to show compassion for one another as well as grow and develop their self-confidence.
nature Nature
Lasona Kindergarten sees nature as an essential environment for children’s overall development in every possible way. We encourage the children to interact with Nature through daily outdoor play and regular trips to Karura Forest in Nairobi.

Lasona Programs

Our Programs

The Lasona kindergarten programs are designed to educate the whole child – physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Integration of subjects in thematic ways stimulates creativity and self-expression at each stage of the program.

Our focal goal being the development of positive self-image within the student and encouraging children to see themselves as capable and competent learners.

Music with Eunice
Every Wednesday morning our music teacher Eunice transforms Lasona into a musical Kindergarten, our school comes alive with singing, dancing and the sound of us playing our musical instruments.
Lasona Kindergarten offers a more structured learning program for our older children providing them with the fundamental tools necessary for them to have a smooth transition into the prep school of their choice. Children who have completed our preschool program are equipped to enter both the International and British curriculum schools.
There's never a dull moment with our array of fun afternoon activities which are:
2.Music and Movements
3.Story time
5.Role play
6.African dance
7.Young farmers
8. Wood work.
Being a nature Kindergarten, our Fridays are set for outings and nature themed activities.
Our timetable coordinates students and teachers within the classrooms and time periods of the school day.

Lasona Kindergarten

Welcome to Lasona kindergarten! Our bilingual kindergarten offers a unique Early Years learning experience for young children from the age 14months to 6 years old.
Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children. We have provided an exceptionally happy, caring, and creative learning environment.
Lasona kindergarten school Nairobi is a hidden gem. Our grounds are beautiful, featuring plenty of fruit trees, plants, and flowers.
A natural haven for children where there are many enticing play opportunities including a muddy kitchen, a manyatta, mini roads, climbing frames, playhouses, sand pits, a train feature, swings, and slides. Our children take delight in helping to care for our kindergarten rabbits that hop around freely from time to time. The children help to grow vegetables and flowers in their own shamba.
Lasona kindergarten school based in Ridgeways, Nairobi Kenya is a truly international experience, and we embrace the diversity and heritage of our international kindergarten community, this adds to the unique quality of our school.
The Lasona kindergarten school, environment is perfect for providing learning spaces both indoors and outdoors. Our teachers are skilled at providing creative learning areas that are bright, stimulating and captivating for a young learner. Here children learn to share, cooperate, problem solve and use their imagination and creativity.
It is our aim that every child that leaves Lasona kindergarten does so with confidence and competence, with a love of learning and a knowledge that school is a fun place to be! They are fully prepared for their next educational step and they are ready for a variety of international educational options, Come and experience the unique learning environment at Lasona kindergarten.

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We are located along Ridgeways Drive, Nairobi Kenya

LaSoNa offers a lot of programs such as: afternoon activities, pre-school, nature day and music with Eunice

We have the following classes: Nyuki, Ladybird, Rainbow and Sunflower