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Greeting in the New Year/Feliz 2019 a todos!

Sunflower, together with the teachers welcome our colleagues, the children and parents back to school and to a vibrant year. We are glad to have all the children back to school and in good health ready to learn as well as interact with the new children who have joined us that is Ariyana, Beatrice, Errol and Mya.
I also take this opportunity to warmly welcome Ruth who was previously in Ladybird class into Sunflower. As you all know by now, Grace is now a mother and for that reason Ruth is temporarily stepping in for her. It is safe to say that the children have adopted well.
As we progress into the New Year and in the new term, our class has a mixed age group and therefore we guide them to appropriate activity. The 2-3 olds are doing activities that enhance eye and hand coordination and the 4-5 age groups will be doing a variety of activities to improve their name writing as well as mixing of two colors to get a different one.
We would like to remind you that we have toy day every Tuesdays so kindly ensure your child comes with one. As we progress on, our theme for the term will be Space, which means we will be talking about Stars, Spaceships, the Sun and the Moon as we use books, paint, craft work, learn songs, stick and get a space experience. We welcome you on board and kindly feel free to share ideas as you bring along any theme related item that may be of use to the Sunflowers.
We wish you a wonderful year and thank you for trusting Lasona with your most precious ones.

Muna and Ruth.


January 2022