Afternoon Activities

Afternoon activities
Monday each group does half an hour of the activities

African Dance;

Our children listen to African music and learn to dance the African way! They will perform for our parents at an event


The second part of Monday afternoon is combined with the Dance. They create African paintings, craftwork and costumes


Outdoor games team games, parachute, ball games, and athletics
Table games, The children play in groups of 4 card games, dice games, fun games, board games

These groups will swop after 6 weeks.

Wednesday ;

Gymnastics with Patrick



The children are introduced to use chopping boards, knifes and learn the rules in the kitchen. They cook simple dishes mainly with vegetables, they bake and prepare salads

Young farmers;

There is a lot of work in our garden, planting, weeding, harvesting. If there is really nothing to do the children will play with natural materials or in the muddy kitchen

The groups will swop after 6 weeks

                                                        LASONA KINDERGARTEN AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES.
1.00-3.30 1.00-3.30 1.00-2.00 2.00-3.00 3.30-4.30 Free
Afternoon Activities




TUESDAY Gymnastics:

With Patrick.

WEDNESDAY Roleplay/Art:


THURSDAY Young farmers:

African dance: